Thursday, 19 April 2012

hawker hart by corgi

AA39601 Hawker HartEntering service in 1930, the Hawker Hart was possibly the most versatile aircraft of the 'Inter war' period.  Designed by Sydney Camm as a two-seat day bomber, it spawned a family of variants that included a fighter, seaplane, reconnaissance aircraft, dive bomber and trainer.
No. 600 (City of London) Squadron RAuxAF was formed at RAF Northolt on 14th October 1925.  It moved to RAF Hendon at the end of 1926, replacing its DH.9As, with more modern Westland Wapitis in 1929.  It was designated a fighter squadron in July 1934.
K2986 was part of a batch of Harts delivered to 600 Squadron in January 1935, pending the arrival of Hawker Demons. They were distinguished by the squadron's colourful red and white markings worn on the upper wing and fuselage sides. By 1937 the conversion to Demons was complete and K2986 was shipped as SR-4 to the Southern Rhodesian Air Force for use in the advanced training and army-co-operation role.
  • Scale:  1:72
  • Wingspan:  155mm
  • Limited Edition Size:  2000

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