Friday, 28 November 2008


This is a bnrilliant little group of French colonial infantry in 54 mm from FRONTLINE. I think that if you wargame in 54mm this is a must for colonial games


  1. It was the greatest military diasater ever as regards a European army fighting indigenous tribes. Great valour,terrible organisation were the order of the day
  2. A message was sent to all the people of oppressed states; today we have shown you that European armies can be defeated.>THE BATTLE OF ADUA was one that changed the face of history forever. We have now brought out the first 54mm infantry types that are superb wargaming pieces.(to be continued)

Thursday, 27 November 2008


  1. Looking at buildings and how they are made is essential to recreating a good wargaming table.Bartolomeo Colleoni's castle at Solza is a good example of the constructions in the period of the epoch which produced the "Condottieri", the soldiers of venture.Its a nice little piece that would go well as a backdrop for bigger pieces. Below is the most perfect Norman keep in the UK ;Castle Hedingham in Essex. A marx re-issuede mountain is now on sale and painted up well could be very good for your Apache scenarios. Lastly SPG productions have brought these really nice resin buildings in diverse scales.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


The US Marines are a great unit to have as a wargames one if you are doing 54mm skirmish.They actually didn't perform that well.
Garibaldi by the Italian firm Il Plantageneto is part of a terrific set of soldiers by this Italian company.If you like the wars of re-unification get these.Below is the great Che again by Plantageneto.Anyone for a game against the running devils of capitalism? Last but not least the wargames show I attended recently; you don't want to miss this next time round.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The British Tommy was no better portrayed than in Rudyard Kipling's poem "Tommy Atkins"
"And its Tommy this and Tommy that"
The British Tommy was the backbone of a great army that fought its way across the world and generally acted in a decent way if not in a just one but runaway slaves according to that great Authoress Jan Morris always made for a British fort where the Union Jack blew in its courtyard.The Union Jack meant freedom.
The colonial infantry above are those that come from the Russian firm and I have heard they are good.
After is another Tommy but this time in one of the least known wars, that of the Spanish Carlist war.
These are the latest brilliant red coats on the square.They are expensive but amazing .You have to get these believe me. 50 odd plastic soldiers for 23 pounds circa.
After we have some CTA plastic pieces of the AWI or as I call it the "2nd ECW.
Below a Brish infantryman adjust his rifle and the Grenadiers of King George let loose a volley.
Finally the great new pieces by Victris in hard plastic.Just out.These are pricey but brilliant. They are about 20 pounds per box

Monday, 24 November 2008


Do you want to refight BACK TO BATAAN well here you have everything you need.The colour schemes of the Japs plus where to buy the goods. A good place is TSSD of San Diego .The soldiers shown are in HO-OO or 54mm from 21st century opr TSSD