Sunday, 19 August 2012

He 115 seaplane by revell

Of all flying-boats used during the 2nd World War the He 115 with its large twin floats was not only the biggest but also the most powerful combat aircraft of this type. The improved B-1 model was produced from early 1940 onwards and fitted with equipment enabling it to carry bombs and torpedo's. Deployed mainly in Northern Europe the He 115's belonging to the Coastal Groups were renowned for their action's against Allied Convoy's. Mass production ended in August 1940.

Historical Kit (ex Matchbox)
- One Pilot Figure
- Two Gunner Figures
- Imitation Radial Engines
- Movable Propeller
- Floats with Supporting Struts
- 2 Entrance Ladders
- Decals for 2 German Versions