Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The British Tommy was no better portrayed than in Rudyard Kipling's poem "Tommy Atkins"
"And its Tommy this and Tommy that"
The British Tommy was the backbone of a great army that fought its way across the world and generally acted in a decent way if not in a just one but runaway slaves according to that great Authoress Jan Morris always made for a British fort where the Union Jack blew in its courtyard.The Union Jack meant freedom.
The colonial infantry above are those that come from the Russian firm and I have heard they are good.
After is another Tommy but this time in one of the least known wars, that of the Spanish Carlist war.
These are the latest brilliant red coats on the square.They are expensive but amazing .You have to get these believe me. 50 odd plastic soldiers for 23 pounds circa.
After we have some CTA plastic pieces of the AWI or as I call it the "2nd ECW.
Below a Brish infantryman adjust his rifle and the Grenadiers of King George let loose a volley.
Finally the great new pieces by Victris in hard plastic.Just out.These are pricey but brilliant. They are about 20 pounds per box

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  1. Just had a look at those Victrix figures. The facial expressions look fantastic. The Officers look like real 'toffs' and the soldiers look like real 'commoners'. Brilliant. Adds a bit of drama to any figure collection. Definately on my Christmas list.