Saturday, 21 November 2009

Men in baggy trousers

wHILE TAKING RECIEPT OF THE NEW Fixed bayonet Toy soldier zouaves which are not painted up here as they are not finished. I tried to get some uniform ideas from the net .Below is the Hat Zouaves.These are not really zouaves as the trousers are not baggy enough but are great for other conversions.Below are First world war ones in the white and red trousers.These are how they should bethe doll on the left is howe messed up soldier world is but its still good uniform material.Here in the B/W print are Ellworth zouaves.Ellworth was shotgunned by a dixielander who objected to his zouaves taking adown his bars and stripes or whatever!Belkow the excellent HatHere are the Tiger Zouavesand here is a Johnny Reb zouave

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